Useful productivity tools for Sales Development Reps (SDRs)

Many people assume that marketing is just buying and trading things. Nothing is easier than growing an apple and just outright selling it. That simple-minded summary might cut it for day to day use. However, the reality is far more daunting. Who is going to buy my apples? What’s the season going to be like? If I buy transport, do I still make a profit? Just some questions that might come to mind for a young entrepreneur.

While many factors come into play when talking about a profitable and efficient business, in this article we will discuss an important step of the sales chain. As you may know already, Sales Development Reps employ a variety of skills: product knowledge, organization and time management, resilience and determination, conversational abilities in their pursuit of potential customers. Therefore, it’s essential to complement this set of skills with appropriate tools.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Coordination of customer contact channels
  • Automated phone calls and recordings of individual messages
  • Personalized customization of your database
  • Import and/or addition of leads from social media and emails
  • Ease of access to contact details, allowing to deliver a better customer experience

There is a wide choice of CRM software available, that helps businesses in managing global customer communication. By applying an improved way of nurturing leads, companies have an easier time tracking them and preparing for each and every interaction with business partners..

Product Information Management (PIM)

  • Product description/content editing and instant tweaking
  • Updating information in bulk
  • Integration with CRM and other third parties
  • Design of both online and paper catalogs
  • Adjustments to product content pursuant to the requirements of current or potential clients

PIM tools gather up all these tedious tasks and more under one ‘roof’ and create a seamless experience of organizing, analyzing and connecting your product information. It benefits the customer as well as strengthens communication between departments.

Email management

  • Email tracking, scheduling and flagging
  • Merging of multiple accounts
  • Assorting email templates by segments
  • Collecting contacts’ and leads’ data
  • Sending automated follow-ups
  • Sending batches of emails to selected categories in one click
  • Receiving notifications and tracking in real time
  • Locating contact information on physical and juridical level

Not only are email management tools useful to operate your information integrity on this channel. These also help you to allocate your sales reps’ time from spending it on consuming manual email writing to getting some of the best sales pitches ready to be delivered straigth to targets.

Task management

  • Periodic performance analysis (daily, weekly, monthly etc.)
  • Organized chats and forums
  • Individual and team visibility on tasks
  • Synchronized workflow
  • Chain command of tasks and goals.

Communication & Meetings Management

  • Remote or local video meetings and conferences
  • Presence management: sent, accepted, turned down
  • Automatic reminders
  • Remote accessible meetings from different devices
  • Friendly user interface
  • Library of call recordings

Pipeline Management

Consider adding a pipeline management tool to rejoice at:

  • Clearer view of the sales funnel
  • Improved leads, proposals, clients, accounts, files and projects tracking
  • Website and social media monitoring and analytics
  • SDRs’ activities monitoring and performance tracking
  • Identifying sales patterns and automation possibilities.

To sum it up, I’d like to say that in this article I’ve mentioned the main types of tools available on the market to assist any company’s Sales Development Reps. Understand that each tool is to be used as a complement to already developed sales skills, not as a replacement for your workforce. As there are multiple areas covered, consider choosing the one that you feel it’s lacking for maximum efficiency.


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