For decades, at the end of November consumers rejoice at the Black Friday phenomenon. But considering it a B2C event solely is somewhat wrong, in my opinion. There is a lot in it for B2B too, and many companies are losing tons of opportunities by simply missing the hidden ones.

Working for years with B2B companies allowed me to compile a list of ways manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers could gain a lot more with the buildup around Black Friday.

  1. Fortify your current business relationships. Regardless of your activity type, you can show your clients that you care by offering help to better manage their stocks. For retailers, Black Friday also means empty shelves. If you, as a supplier, come with a solution to support them by refilling these either before or right after the event, you will show that you truly care for the flawlessness of their operating activities, and consolidate the business relationship for the long-run.

With not too much time left until the sales season, however, there is an arising issue — how you can complete at least some of the steps fast? For that, you’d demand high-quality data: you’d need lists of potential partners that would meet your possibilities fast and/or comprehensive information about these so that you could build your killer-value proposition in a highly-personalized way and win. But that’s a totally different topic.

Main article: 9 Ways B2B Companies Can Benefit from Black Friday

Entrepreneur. Founder CEO at Global Database. Hi — nice to meet you here. I’m passionate to write about B2B sales and marketing, providing useful insights.

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